KStone Quartz Reviews from Facebook, Houzz, and Google

KStone Quartz Reviews from Facebook, Houzz, and Google

Shopping for a quartz slab for your next kitchen makeover, home renovation, or office upgrade can be daunting with over thousands of quartz suppliers. This article features an assortment of reviews on our products from popular social media and rating aggregators like Facebook, Houzz, and Google.

Why Quartz Reviews are Important

Reviews offer a glimpse into an end-to-end shopping experience for quartz, a product that can enhance the home and express the unique personality and character of a interior designer or property owner. The thing to note about these reviews is that KStone doesn’t install or fabricate our product for customers but rather works with partners across Toronto to ensure customers receive the desired renovation outcomes sought after.

Difference between a Quartz Supplier and Fabricator

A quarta supplier is someone who manufactures and may sometimes even distribute quartz slabs for the fabrication and processing into components of a home / kitchen

A Fabricator focuses on processing, cutting, finishing a quartz slab so that it can be used in a renovation or real estate development project. In our list of top quartz counter top suppliers we focus on the former, which relate to the original makers of the quartz. This is sometimes an unclear area of the industry but we trust that the article will help designers and home owners choose the best product in their area.  There are over 1000 quartz suppliers in Canada which makes it difficult to choose the right product, further the installation also plays a great deal of impact on the final result.

Our recommendation is to start with the top quartz supplier and then work with a trusted fabricator or distributor. This article reviews manufacturing companies of quartz slabs along with their level of customer service.

KStone Google Reviews

Google reviews is a great place for people to  provide honest feedback, though there have been noted instances where companies may fabricate reviews, or be submitting reviews based on biased experiences. Despite those short comings Google Reviews remains a reliable and immediate source for understanding the quality and service of a quartz company.

Sample Reviews

We love our k stone counter tops! They look like marble. They were perfectly installed and the edges are beautifully bookended. The price was better than some of the quartz brands that advertise more, and the patterns were nicer in my opinion. -Sue N.

Highly recommended. Excellent quality quartz and wide color selection. – Atif I.

We welcome customers and other partners to provide their review of our team.

LinkedIn Reviews on KStone Quartz

Over LinkedIn there have been a number of professionals and entrepreneurs who have expressed their recognition of our KStone quality and service.

Sample Review

I have used KStone when I was working with another company, and was very happy with the results. – Rapael K.


We are working to confirm full release of these partner and customer reviews, but in the interim our team would be happy to share these candid reviews when requested.

HomeStars Reviews

HomeStars like Houzz is another source of renovation and real estate build and service platform. It provides feedback from past customers on interior designers, quartz brands, renovators, home builders, and even land scape providers. Here are some helpful reviews on KStone Quartz:

Sample Reviews

I have used k stone quartz in 2 kitchens and I am very happy with the results. The counter is very good quality and is very durable. I would highly recommend them. – Ontario User

As a fabricator id like to say that this company is very reasonable in terms of quality. And considering prices, they are great. We use all major brands and all of them have some minor issues. But what’s important is that KStone will fix the issues, if they are not a result of misuse of course. 
We always educate our clients that quartz is strong but not bulletproof. We find that warranty is a big problem because it covers defects, but we are expected to fix all other issues such as physical damage. If there is a real defect in stone, KStone will take care of this, unlike some other manufacturers (even more reputable). As long as they maintain good service and quality, we’ll keep using them. – Ontario Fabricator

KStone Facebook

Our product reviews can be found on our Facebook page and offers a quick glimpse into how customer’s found our products. The review page is currently in progress and can serve as a source of future reference for customer who are seeking further information.

KStone Houzz

Currently there aren’t any reviews for KStone Quartz at Houzz but be sure to check back later for more.

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Beyond Surface Beyond Service

Taking the time to read reviews is a great way to avoid headache and hassle when spec’ing a project or renovating your kitchen to live and entertain in. KStone Quartz is manufactured and supply by one team, our integrated service means higher quality and value for designers and home owners looking to accent and create lifestyle and expression. Our team has been serving the Grater Toronto Area with impeccable quality and focus on customer satisfaction. We offer a continuing portfolio of timeless quartz colours as well as new additions to create new living and design experiences. Contact our team today to go beyond surface with Toronto’s leading quartz brand.