Top 5 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors from 1000+ Projects

Top 5 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors from 1000+ Projects

Since the inception of our KStone brand we’ve seen over a thousand quartz counter top projects completed, and the trifecta of colors are white, grey, and black. But within those three primaries there can be significant amounts of distinction and character. Based on the colors ordered here the top colors in one of the most vibrant, creative, and design oriented cities in the world Toronto.

5 – Glimmer and Sparkling Quartz


Origins: sparkling quartz was introduced as part of the wave of granite being utilized in the renovation and construction industry. The natural gloss and sparkle of earthen crystals helped establish this look.


When to use sparkling quartz: sparkling quartz depends on the surrounding interior, in general this type of polish serves well as the main island in a kitchen or reception area for an office. It invites attention and naturally draws the eye to it, designers may use this type of quartz to indicate the focal point of a room.

4 – Sand Style Quartz an Earthy and Grounded Look

Origins: brown or sand styled decor hails from middle east and saharan traditions (source) that provide for a traditional yet humble look and appeal. Today it used extensively to be part of an industrial movement and often times bridging the gap between polish and approximating the look of wood surfaces.


When to use brown quartz: brown is commonly used to top white cabinets and accent stained wood storage units. Brown is commonly installed as a bronze look and is often used as a surface to reflect earthy tones around it including green, grey, and brown wall paint.

3 – Black Quartz Polished for Vibrancy

Origins: black quartz hails back to the victorian and georgian eras where countertops were colored in the fashion to create esteem and a sense of grandeur. It now is used to represent styles of outback,  New York, and a luxe decor (source)


When to use black quartz counters: black simply has the feeling of luxury and premium to it. It is a bold accent to any white table, or subtle mono palette interior. The option to choose polished or standard gloss can give a kitchen a new and brimming feel to it. Further due to the crisp nature of this quartz color, it becomes less apparent when stains or damage has occurred. For those looking for a traditional home with a strong contrast black is primary pick for home owners and office managers alike.

2 – Grey Quartz, the Rebellion of Tradition

Origins: the grey quartz has its roots in industrial design, and the meta-modern movement against posh, chique, and fahsionista design. It caters to a crowd that is grounded and rooted in function and purpose. The latest trends include restaurants like general assembly to design blogs covering this trend.

When to use grey quartz countertops: grey is an earthy tone that accents light wall colors and dark cabinetry. It further adds a modern edge to today’s work spaces providing a shade that is more resilient to stains and degradation from day to day use. An industrial look is perfectly suited to being used with grey.

1 – White Quartz a Crowd Favourite

Origins: white quartz has been a repeat winner over the years with designers and home owners opting for this pallet, and was made popular by its predecessor granite which was highly sought after when it was initially introduced

When to use white quartz countertops: white quartz is great for brightening up a room particularly with lots of sun shine. The added advantage is that white eschews a modern appeal made popular by Apple and it’s utopian styled design thinking. Further white is great for creating space as it becomes less intrusive with other kitchens that are walled with earth or white tones. Allowing kitchen surfaces to be less intrusive.

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