Our engineered quartz surfaces are very easy to maintain.

All you need is a soft cloth and warm water. If desired, some mild soap can be used. Please consult our list of accepted cleansers at the end of this page.


Quartz generally does not stain, but you can sometimes get spills that dry and harden on the surface, e.g. gum, grease, paint. You can remove them by:

  1. gently scrapping away the materials with a blunt plastic knife;
  2. cleaning with a non-bleach vinegar-water solution and a nonabrasive cleaning pad, such as sponge pads;
  3. dry the surface with a paper towel or clean cloth.
Stains & Chemicals

Our engineered stone is nonporous. No bacteria lurking around and no need for expensive sealing. Should you get permanent marker/ink or dyes on the worktops, please follow the steps:

  1. wipe up immediately;
  2. rinse with water;
  3. moisten cloth with cleansers and rub it into the stain;
  4. rinse with warm water to remove cleanser.
Cuts & Scratches

Quartz countertops are extremely hard-wear and will not scratch and chip easily. However, a cutting board is always recommended if you want to preserve that “like-new” look of your quartz surface (it will also protect your knives from dulling).


Quartz is heat resistant. Please bear in mind that quartz, just like any other stone material, can be affected by direct exposure to high temperature and cracks may show if exposed to heat sources. We recommend the use of trivets or hot pads if you want to preserve your countertops perfect appearance for longer.


  1. Do not apply sealers under any circumstances. When such products wear off they take the gloss away with them, leaving your surface dull and inconsistent.

  2. Do not use strong acidic, alkaline, bleach, peroxides or similar cleaners to quartz surfaces.

  3. Do not use abrasive scrub pads.

  4. Do not place hot pots or roasting pans directly onto the surface.

Accepted Cleaners

Our quartz countertops can withstand exposure to the following cleaners. Please make sure you wipe it away with a non-abrasive pad:

  • Soap and Water
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Simple Green
  • Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean
  • Hope’s Surface cleaner
  • Rock Doctor cleaner
  • Clorox

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