We’re pleased to announce our latest line of pure quartzite natural stone. The latest in our innovative product line in 2018. Contact our team today and learn more on how you can revolutionize your next project.

Avalanche – Mighty & Majestic

Inspired from the highest vantage points, inspired by the might of a roaring avalanche, along with the majestic sea to create a character like the texture of fine oyster.

Thickness: 2cm
Polish: Polished Finish

grey quartzite white quartzite slab

Fantasy Brown – Modern and Grounded

Our inspired look comes from our roots where KStone started from the ground up. An ideal medium for those who is working for a greater outcomes from where they started. The texture features accents of grey and dashes of earth brown.

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
Polish: Polished Finish

brown quartzite white quartzite

Super White – Cool, Solid, and Legendary

Our latest addition to our series is none other than Super White. The stone was harnessed from another world, yet so precise and deliberate making it a new classic.  White has always been a top choice space design and has consistently served home owners, designers, and power executives.

Thickness: 2cm
Polish: Polished Finish

Quartzite Slab Made for Interior Fashioned by Professionals

Our team is focused on customer service and so we often get requests from home owners or patrons who are looking to purchase quartzite or quartz for use in their renovation projects. KStone is committed to customer satisfaction and works with 3rd party fabricators, installers, and renovation professionals to ensure we deliver on quality and service.

KStone Should to Shoulder in Quality, Towering in Value

Our team has often been asked: “how does KStone compare to brand a, b, or c?”: our response is come see for yourself. Under one integrated manufacturing and supply team, we’ve been able to provide unprecedented quality to the greater Toronto market. Come book an appointment and see for yourself how KStone quality goes beyond surface and beyond service.